How it all began

The garden

I realise that the initial 'spark' for the creation of Palmeira & Wilson was my childhood spent in my parents stunning organic garden. My mum and dad loved growing things and our garden was a classic, and very beautiful cottage garden, filled to the brim with flowers, cherry blossom, apple and pear trees, herbs, rhubarb, strawberries and vegetables of every variety. The intoxicating aromas of sweet peas, carnations, roses and honeysuckle filling the summer air are still alive in my mind.

This was the start of my love affair with aromatic plants and ever since I have studied plants and aromatherapy, intrigued by the endless benefits that nature's pharmacy offers us.

The second 'spark' came from my dad who used olive oil on his skin and hair. As a teenager I thought it was just weird and embarrassing, but having struggled with irritated skin from using commercial products in my twenties, I resorted to blending my own oils, and have used oil as a moisturizer ever since. As a yoga therapist interested in the issue of toxic load, I used to blend potions for my clients, and now proudly hold the title of the 'White Witch of Hove'. Rose and Frankincense Rejuvenating Facial Oil was the first oil, and through word of mouth recommendation, Palmeira & Wilson was born.

Colour, Beauty and Smell

We respond to these qualities on a visceral, instinctive level. They are things that can make us happy and are joyful in whatever way they present themselves. We have tried to capture these qualities in our products, and encourage our customers to use natural products, making skincare a part of looking after ourselves and maintaining good health, inside and out.

We use vibrant, colourful packaging, create beautiful fragrances, and develop 100% natural and nutritious products that will give you healthy, radiant skin. We also like to celebrate no fuss, naturally luxurious skincare.

Palmeira & Wilson is a small company based in Hove, East Sussex. Our growth has been energised by the positive feedback and word of mouth recommendations from our happy users. Read some of our testimonials.

We hope you enjoy our products, and if you do, tell your mum, tell your granny and tell ALL your friends! And drop us a line too!

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