Organic High Altitude Lavender Bath Salts 300g | £14

Enjoying a luxurious soak in fragrant mineral rich waters is one of the best ways to unwind. The high mineral content of Dead Sea Salts purify and soften the skin leaving it feeling fresh and revitalized, whilst helping to restore the bodies Ph balance. The salts are infused with the crème de la crème of lavenders -Organic High Altitude Lavender – which has the finest aroma and exceptional healing properties of all lavenders. Its wonderful floral, sweet aroma calms the mind and nervous system, inducing a feeling of wellbeing.
100% Natural
Suitable for all skin types. Test first for sensitive skin. Not suitable during pregnancy.
Replace lid after use. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. External Use Only

Add 4 - 5 heaped tablespoons to a running bath, and soak for up to 20 minutes. Lie back, relax, and simply enjoy!

Replace lid after use.

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