Peppermint & Lemon Leg and Foot Oil 100ml | £18

Japanese Camellia Seed Oil is nutrient and antioxidant rich, and has excellent skin conditioning and moisturising properties. Its high oleic acid and Vitamin A, E and B content, helps to improve the skin's elasticity and its light texture penetrates and absorbs rapidly, leaving a fantastic gloss on the skin. Cooling English Peppermint oil is blended with juicy Scicilian Lemon and earthy herbaceous Clary Sage to create a fragrance that is exhilaratingly crisp and fresh. This oil is formulated to stimulate circulation, help with water retention and stretch marks, soften hard skin, deodorize feet, and revive tired muscles. It leaves a fantastic gloss on the skin, and is perfect for cool summer legs!
This oil is formulated to give legs and feet an invigorating boost, but can be used on pulse points or on the temples to revive a sluggish head.
100% Natural
Suitable for all skin types. Test first on very sensitive skin. Unsuitable During Pregnancy – External Use Only – Avoid contact with the eyes – Do not sunbathe directly after application.

Feet: The complete ritual: For hard skin or tired aching feet, soak feet for up to 15 minutes in Palmeira & Wilson's Peppermint and Lemon Foot Soak. Slough off hard skin, and massage small amounts of oil at a time onto the whole foot, paying particular attention to the soles of the feet. Alternatively, apply oil directly after bathing.

Legs: This oil is very well absorbed after bathing when pores are open, but can also be applied to dry skin. For optimum results, dry brush skin or exfoliate skin with a salt scrub. Rub 5-6 drops into the palms of the hand and massage thoroughly onto the whole leg. Repeat until both legs and feet have been moisturised.

Replace cap after use and store away from direct sunlight

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