Our Ethos

• Our core philosophy is honesty and integrity. We don't make wild claims that our products will change your life. We focus our attention on detail and quality, creating beautifully fragrant, nutritious, natural skincare, formulated to make you feel happy and your skin healthy and glowing.

• We only use natural ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. Our ingredients are cold pressed, organic where possible, or gently distilled to retain their useful therapeutic properties. They come from trees, petals, twigs, seeds, kernels, roots, resins, leaves, the sea, or dug out of caves.

• We do not use synthetic fragrances, sulphites or artificial preservatives to extend shelf life. Our products rely on the natural fragrance and preservative qualities in the oils.

• We only test on human beings who are prepared to give honest feedback. Our tester panel always have a lot to say!

• Our products are hand blended with lashings of essential oils to create our beautiful, distinctive fragrances, and our blends are a celebration of a each oils individual aroma.

• Our products are suitable for all ages, men and women, and all skin types.

• Our packaging is recyclable. We also use minimal packaging to reduce waste.

• Less is more. Keep it simple and keep it natural. Effective skincare doesn't have to be complicated or involve lots of different products. Ask yourself this - do you really need five different products on your face daily when you could achieve the same, or more, with one or two?

• We create affordable, versatile, luxury products that deliver fantastic results!

We hope you enjoy our products.

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