Our current happy users range from 18 -82 years old.
Hear what they have to say about their experience of using our products.

Face Oils

'Now a few words about your wonderful facial oils:- I had always been reluctant to try facial oil as thought it would be too heavy for my skin as I have the T Zone type of skin prone to spots. I'm so glad I tried it, it feels so light on the skin and my skin just drinks it in leaving it feeling soft & hydrated, not greasy at all. The smell is refreshing, uplifting and calming. I use it in the morning after cleansing and at night and now it's a regular part of my routine, I love it and feel my skin looks much clearer and brighter …at least that's what my friends tell me….it really is magic stuff! I've started using the Neroli at night, with the same lovely feeling.

All best wishes and good luck with everything I think you've got a wonderful product'.

Mo – Teacher, Hove

'Dear Carol, I just wanted to say thank you for the oils - they are both lovely. I decided to use them together, one as a day oil (Rose & Frankincense), and one as a night oil (Neroli) and my skin looks and feels amazing. Since having my son, my skin had been quite dry and blotchy (not helped by so many broken nights sleep). It now feels softer with no dry patches and the appearance is much more even and dewy. Thank you!'

Nicola Sankey ---Nutritional Therapist, Hove

I gave some of my Rose & Frankincense Facial oil to a friend who was suffering from inflamed rosacea. Literally, 10 minutes after application, the redness had totally calmed down and her complexion started to look dewy---it was like a skin care miracle happening in front of my eyes!

I work in the beauty field and know a lot about beauty products, but this oil literally is miraculous. I have seen nothing like it's effects on my own skin and others. Its versatile, very affordable, great value because it lasts so long and you don't need anything else, and it absorbs deeper than any other cream or oil I've ever used. Even the packaging is gorgeous! I am a self confessed product junky, but Carol has cured me! Her no bullshit approach is so refreshing. It is an exceptional, totally natural product and everyone should try it.

Dawn Bartlett – Grace PR Consultant, London


I'm on the last few drops of my magic elixir !!!! PLEASE SEND 2 BOTTLES OF NEROLI URGENTLY in case I start to age! PS: my sister asked me if I'd had Botox the other day……that's your amazing oil! Now she wants some.

Frank, Stylist, London

Ive just tried the Neroli Facial oil-----its divine!

Sarah Jagger – Celebrity Make Up Artist

I have used the Rose & Frankincense Facial Oil morning and evening for 2 years now. My skin feels and looks moisturized and supple and gives a kind of inner glow. My skin seems to love the oil – absorbs it quickly, and doesn't sit on top like cream – it seems to be nourished and able to breathe. The smell is unique - Rose and Frankincense, and once used – nothing matches it. Often people ask what I use when I'm wearing it. I have introduced it to my mother and a number of friends, and they all love it!......even my dad is using it!

Kerry Angus----Actress, Oxford

"I have been using the Rose & Frankincense Rejunvenating Facial Oil for several years now, and find it deeply nourishing and restorative. It is part of my daily facial ritual, and I wouldn't be without it….I use tons of it! When I'm feeling stressed or fatigued, I put it on, and it makes me feel calm, and the lovely aroma always lifts my mood. I have told many friends about it and they are also delighted with it."

Sarah – Massage Therapist, Brighton

"Ive been using the Rose & Frankincence face oil for at least 2 years now, and its amazing. Its great to have chemical free skincare! I love the texture and the smell…the skin just drinks it in. Once you start using it, there is no turning back, because you can't use anything else."

Debbie, Rottingdean

'I love looking at these bottles on my dressing table, especially when the sun shines on them. Visually they make we smile, and they enhance my enjoyment of using these gorgeous oils. They smell amazing, and they absorb and nourish the skin like nothing Ive tried before!'

Katrina, Jewellery Designer, Brighton

'I love the smell of both the facial oils, and use the Rose & Frankincense in the day, and the Neroli at night. I've stopped using my other skincare products, as the facial oil is all I need. My skin has massively improved since using the oil…..the tone is much more even, and is starting to take on a nice glow'.


I love the Rose & Frankincense Facial Oil and it really suits my skin….and it smells beautiful. My aunt even asked if I'd had botox?

Lizzie, Freelance writer and Editor, Hove

'The Neroli facial oil has improved the quality of my skin. Previously my skin was dry and dull, and even very expensive products seemed to stay on the surface. They made my skin feel greasy, my face always looked shiny. I also suffered outbreaks and the surface of my skin wasn't smooth, as well as fine lines appearing, as I am in my mid thirties.

Since using, first the Rose & Frankincense, and now the Neroli facial oil, my skin feels able to breathe. The oil penetrates deep, and my skin feels deeply moisturized, balanced and smooth, and my outbreaks and lines have decreased.

The Neroli oil feels like it works with my skin, and I am able to wear make up over it. In short my skin has never looked so good. Thank you Carol! '

Eluiza- Designer, Hove

'I am the product queen of the year and haven't used oil on my skin before. Since using both the Neroli and the Rose & Frankincense Facial Oils (in abundance), I have never had so many comments about how glowing my skin looks! Two people have even asked me if I've had Botox! This stuff is amazing….I love the smell and the texture, and it is fantastic value too because you don't need anything else! I also use the Lavender & Bergamot Body Oil which my skin loves, and I've also taken Carol's advice to have salt baths for relaxation and detoxification'.

Debbie- Senior BA Cabin Crew, Hove

'It's been a real pleasure to use your products! I'm starting to get the glow! My daughter loves them too, just as perfumes! We think the packaging, bottles and presentation first rate…..Hits just the right note. Wish you every success, and will be re-ordering very soon.

Elaine – Corby

Hi Carol

The face oil is fantastic! Knocks spots off the Crème De Mare! (Rose & Frankincense)

Tracy – Costume Designer, London

My skin looks amazing. I just love this oil. (Rose & Frankincense)

Tom – Music Video Producer

'After 25 years of Clinique, I've happily discovered two of Palmeria & Wilson's facial oils - Rose & Frankincense and Neroli. Within a week my skin was already more lustrous and healthy and now after two months I can't imagine using anything else. I only recently discovered that many skin care products contain wheat as a primary ingredient. Not only are the facial oils gluten free but they are both so versatile, and I find by using one oil in the morning and the other at bedtime, I don't need any other products - it's easy and they smell just gorgeous!'

Tammara, Marketing, Hove

Hello Carol,

Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the Rejuvenating Facial Oil! I can see how rich and nourishing it is, and it has changed the appearance of the skin on my neck which I am pleased about. On my face I am actually alternating between the oil and my usual sun protection cream because it just feels like it is too much to have the oil every day.

Marga Beuth, Artist, Hove

Body Oils

The smell of the Rose Body Oil should almost be illegal! Its intoxicating ! It's the best Rose Oil I've come across because it is fragranced with just Rose essential oil rather than being 'padded out ' with cheaper oils. My clients love it and it's a best seller too. It is wonderfully absorbent and leaves the skin feeling loved, nourished and glossy.

Sam – Owner of Absolute Massage, Hove

'Since a family bereavement, I have had a resurgence of my childhood eczema all over my body. It was driving me pretty crazy and increasing my stress and emotional distress. I have seen doctors and dermatologists with little success. However, I consulted with Carol Wilson and her advice has radically improved my skin and day to day experience of living in it!

The bespoke oils she mixed for me have calmed my complaints and changed the quality of my skin - and I have also noticed that they have had a bonus anti-aging event! Even when, like me, you thought you had tried everything and your situation was hopeless, I would urge people to try Palmeira & Wilson products as Carol really knows her stuff and her knowledge and care has been a transformative relief."

Rebecca Mordan-Actress & Artistic Director, Cornwall

The Body oils are wonderful gifts, and I constantly buy them for friends and family. They all love them and always re-order.

Hannah – Sheffield

I love my lavender oils, but I would say the High Altitude Organic Lavender Body Oil is the best one Ive used. My skin feels completely moisturized and it rapidly absorbs. Great product and good price. Love this new brand….and love the bottles!

Melinda – Make Up Artist, London

Ive used all of the different fragrances of the Body Oils over the last couple of years, and they are all gorgeous. What I love about Carol's oils is that the smells of each oil are what they say on the bottle and not a mix of loads of different smells. I think she calls it top notes and bottom notes! I'm stretched to pick a favorite but I do love the Frankincense & Sweet Orange and the Rose, although the new one, Bliss is pretty spectacular. Although I use the oils pretty much every day, following Carol's advice, I love to make a ritual of having a weekly long salt bath and then slathering myself in this lovely oil. Great stress relief.

Ann - Solicitor, London

Leg & Feet Oils

You've got me focused on my feet! Can I order some of the foot soak and the lovely foot oil? My feet are fragrant and soft after using the testers you gave me.

After use: 'the soles of my feet no longer resemble camel's hooves, and I no longer hide them in shame, thanks to Carol's wonderful Peppermint and Lemon Foot soak and the Leg & Foot Oil. After around 6 weeks of using these lovely fresh products my podiatrist also noticed a real difference. 'keep using that oil' was her comment - affirmation from a professional! '.

Jane, Journalist, Brighton

I am on my feet all day, and after a busy week my feet & legs are quite sore and achy. I also get a lot of hard skin and sometimes feel very self conscious of my feet in the summer. Carol advised me to sit back and relax with a cup of tea, and soak my feet in a basin of hot water using the Peppermint & Lemon Foot Soak. Not only was this so relaxing, but I could not believe how easy the hard skin came off. I moisturized my feet & legs with a tester of the Peppermint and Lemon Leg Oil, and I felt like I was walking on air. The smell of the products are amazingly fresh. I'm a convert and make this a weekly ritual as Carol suggested. I'm moving onto the face oils next!

Charlotte – Hair Dresser, Brighton

I love this Peppermint & Lemon Leg and foot oil. I use it as directed and it really does leave an amazing gloss on your skin. I've put some in a little bottle and take it to work with me, and put in on my wrists and temples when I'm flagging in the afternoon. The smell is so clear and fresh and seems to open up the brain….and any help on that front is welcome!

Mary – Accountant, London

Body Scrubs

I'm so glad that Carol has added Body Scrubs to the range. I was part of her tester panel and it's such a relief to have a product that isn't some gloopy goo and doesn't smell of fake mango, and you can have a damn good scrub with. She is so right….its just like having a good dust, and your skin feels so smooth and moisturized afterwards.

Rosie, Hove

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